See you later Singapore.

It’s our last day in Singapore, time has really flown. And since the flight doesn’t leave until late tonight we had a whole day to occupy. What better way than running around Universal Studios in 30 degrees heat for a whole day? 😳Yes we are insane. But it was great fun. We wee supposed to go on Christmas Day thinking everyone would be home celebrating (..) but no. My brother-in-law said he’d never seen so many people in the park before which made us rethink and go to the cinema instead. Not a bad idea seeing we saw “Sing”. Fabulous film and we had a whole car full of kids (and certain adults..) singing “Oh My Gosh, look at her butt” on the way home. 

But before we left Universal on Christmas Day we bought entry tickets for today so we were there, knocking on the doors, when they opened at 10am. Three so so excited adults, three hyped up kids & a million others.

It’s not the biggest amusement park I’ve visited but it was fun.. and it had something to offer everyone. For me personally I can’t decide if “Madagascar” was my favourite or the “Jurassic Park” boat ride which left me soaked to the core.. But who can resist this stripy dude?The resemblance of me on the beach a couple of days ago is striking. 😍

After a whole autumn discussing ancient Egypt in school, imagine the look on my daughters face when she saw this…

She was blown away. But she refused to go on the “Revenge of the Mummy” ride. I think she made the right call though.. and it gave her mom an out as well. Hell no, I’m too old those kind of rides. We went in to the gift shop instead so that Ms S could buy two figurines – one mummy and one sphinx. “For my room. Mom”. Ok Hun, I’m glad you have an interest in anything other than your iPad.. 

We also went to the “Waterworld” show. How anything can be based on that crappy film is beyond my understanding (yes, it was awful!) but the show was well made. It did scare the living crap out of my daughter however. When the sea plane entered and the big explosion took place, she totally freaked out and demanded to leave. 

After all of that, and so much more, I finally got to see my favourite character. He’s yellow, shy and extremely handsome. And he purrs…

Dad tried the pep talk on Ms S to get her to try the ride but no such luck. We did the Sesame Streets “Save the Spaghetti” ride instead. 😉No one can resist Elmo. ❤️

And by late afternoon, the heaven opened up (as usual) which meant it was time to hit the road and go home. We’re now resting and relaxing with the family before heading out to the airport. It will take us 6 hrs to get back to Beijing where I will “get off” and go back to work tomorrow while hubby and daughter will continue on to new adventures for the last week of Winter Break. ❄️ And part two, for them, will require both a change of clothes and scenery. Contrast galore. 

But for now I want to thank my amazing sister, her hubby and their kids for an amazing Christmas. 🎄 It has been amazing and we’ve loved celebrating with you all. And to mom who will be continuing her Singaporean stay for another month or so. Enjoy and take care of the pool. And to the gym – I’ll miss the view. 💛So for this time, so long Singapore, it’s been swell. ❤️

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