Back in Beijing…

… and the sun is shining outside my office. To be honest, it happens more often than I thought it would. And while I’m back in the saddle, albeit slightly dazed and confused due to the lack of sleep from tonight’s flight over from Singapore, hubby & daughter just boarded flight number two out of three. The one taking them to Helsinki before ending up in Stockholm via the their flight of the day. Four different countries in 24 hours. That’s impressive. Or plain stupid.

The first flight to Beijing went well though and due to wind, it only took us 5 hours and 20 minutes in the end. Not too bad. Well then you have to add on being stuck in Beijing traffic for an hour of course.. But that simply provides you with the perfect opportunity to work on your book. 😊 Yes, she’s back at composing and this time it’s flowing like never before. So I guess that’s it. Vacation 2016 is officially over. It went way too quick and I miss my nephews already. ❤️ At the same time it’s good to be home.

Love from Beijing ❤️

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