Hello 2017, we kind of knew you’d be showing up..

… although, at least here in Beijing, you could have done a better entrance than this I believe.. Not really the way you want to start a New Year. And unfortunately, this morning is not much better… That said I know it’s temporary and better air and blue skies will be back. Sooner rather than later I hope (queue the mental booster pic below)So New Year, new resolutions and promises to be better or? Nope, I’m done with those kind of empty promises. Instead I’m quite certain that at the end of this year I’ll weigh more or less as I did last year, I’ll have more or less money, I’ll be more or less successful and hopefully I’ll still be a non-smoker (well looking at the picture above, that won’t be a hard call..) So instead of the usual crap, I give myself “assignments”. Last year I challenged myself to learn how to rock a pair of heels again. Didn’t really work so well but at least I’m better than I was last January, although I’m no Sarah Jessica Parker.. 👠 

So since I understand that you’re all dying to know what could possibly top me learning to walk in heels again, here it goes: 2017 will be the year I will learn how to finally perfect my squat. And I promise to loudly, and proudly, sing Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” on next year’s New Yeary Eve party. Wearing heels. And yes, cameras will be allowed. 🎤📽

So bring on the squats honey, this year will be epic. At least the New Year’s Eve party.

Love from Beijing ❤️

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