I have writer’s block.

I am a communicator. Full stop. I love anything and everything I can read, listen to and interpret as I wish. Music, books or  even how people talk. I sometimes think I have so many different voices in my head I’m not so sure which one to listen to. The rational me who functions very well in normal society or the somewhat crazier version who just want to put on some headphones and get freaky on the dance floor. Or the living room floor, it works too. I’m trying to shake off my writer’s block as my inspiration is draining for some reason. So I turn to music, lyrics helps. Sentences such as.. “White noise in my head, ego.” 

Just listen to the beat to Tove Lo’s “Lady Wood”. If that doesn’t make you want to move your hips I don’t know what will. It’s my new favourite and it goes on repeat today.“Perfect imperfections with mistakes and unlearned lessons. “Dirty on the inside, damaged goods with nothing but pride.”

Thank heaven for music. 🎶 Let’s see if we can shake off that nasty blockage, Mama needs to expand on the 80+ pages I’ve squeezed out so far..

Love from Beijing ❤️

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