8 lessons learned on how to survive “Smog Week”.

I’ve learned a couple of things during what I now so lovingly call “Smog Week”.

1) First of all it’s nothing like Spring Break at Uni although it does come with the same kind of headache.

2) You can live with your air purifiers on full blast and keep your sanity after all. No I promise, you can, I’ve tried it all week. It may make you feel like you’re on a cruise ship but I promise there’s a lot less pensioners around.

3) Apparently, closing your bedroom door & having the purifier on (as well as the humidifier) but no heating, makes the room freezing so do go up in the middle of the night to put on a big knitted sweater.

4) However, doing all above, also makes it possible for you to sleep until 11am. Something that hasn’t been done since your teenage years (or after a very bad night which, to be honest, happens way too few times than it should!)

5)  Smog Week apparently makes you want to binge eat so do make sure that you a) stock up on food if that’s what you want to do or b) make sure that your fridge is binge food free as you will eat whatever is in there. 

6) It makes you completely antisocial. Why? You look out of the window and see if you feel up for a “walk” outside.

7) A hobby is recommended or you DVD player will be thoroughly abused. Personally I’m glad I’ve started writing again as it’s what has kept me sane all this week. 

8) Do remember it won’t always be like this. Blue sky will return. Until then, stay out of the cookie jar Nina!!!

Love from Beijing ❤️

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