I dream of windswept moors and rolling hills.

Believe me when I say that I have days where I long for home, for a slice of sanity in the middle of it all. Not that my life is any more stressed out or unusual than others. It’s just that this year marks 13 years since I packed my bags and left and I’m kind of feeling like it’s time to head home soon, or at least in its near vicinity. The last 13 years have been amazing, don’t get me wrong, and I have loved every country we’ve lived in in its own way. Had I stayed at home in Sweden I would never have experienced so many different cultures or met so many amazing friends and colleagues across the globe and believe me when I say that I cherish every friendship I’ve made during the years. But home is home and always will be. ❤️ I’m still a restless soul on the inside but things have changed, I’ve changed, and the inner peace I feel nowadays is different than before. 

But I know it will take a while before permanently placing my feet on Swedish soil again, I still have one big adventure here in Beijing to finish before going back to my roots. ⛩

Apart from home I’ve been thinking a lot about taking the time & finding place to inspire me to finish my book. And I always end up at one specific place, Ireland. As “first posting” goes I couldn’t have picked a better country to smoothly transit from Stockholm to the big world than Ireland. I loved my four years on the Emerald Isle with its green lush country side and amazing views. Dublin as a city and the Irish hospitality amazes me. I’m an honorary Irish for life. 🍀❤️ And If I could I’d take a long vacation right now and whisk myself away to a remote castle on this fantastic island in order to finish my book. I’d book a room with a large bed and an open fire and a view over windswept moors and cliffs. I would sit in the window sill for inspiration and take long, chilly walks to clear my head, eat long breakfasts, write and write some more. 

But creativity can also be found right here in Beijing, around the corner, in the sofa, out in the backyard in the sun. Under a blue sky, on a smog filled Sunday or while sipping a coffee at work. My mind is buzzing, reviewing, criticising, rewriting and going mad around the clock. I keep scribbling down things on paper making sure I don’t forget my train of thought. It’s fun but exhausting. 

With that said, I’m heading to bed, it’s been a long Friday 13th. 

Love from Beijing ❤️

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