We’re heading towards the great migration…

The Chinese New Year’s is coming and I vividly remember seeing this documentary a couple of years ago of the queues outside the train station in Beijing. Mayhem. Then I remember seeing National Geographics “Great Migrations” and all of a sudden I visualise hoards of people in slow motion, moving to dramatic music to the voice-over of David Attenborough. I know, I’m weird and I have a vivid and very realistic imagination. If you ask me at least. And if you’ve missed the documentary itself, see it. 

So what exactly is the big fuss about travelling during Chinese New Years? Let me give you some statistics shall I and then perhaps you’ll understand why my family and I have decided to stay put and explore Beijing instead of going on long haul adventures. 2,98 billion trips are expected to take place during the 40 day travel peak (13th January until the end of February). I repeat, 2,98 billion. Do you realise the scope of that number? Just this Friday 8,55 million railsways took place, 58 million by road, 590 000 by water ways and 1,3 million by air across the country. Insane. That said, and despite looking at my horoscope for 2017 (ain’t looking good..) I’m still looking forward to entering the Year of the Rooster. I mean, anything can happen, especially if you look at the lack of stars above. 🙈

Love from Beijing ❤️

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