Gong Xi Fa Cai people!

There’s a party in Beijing tonight people! Non-stop fireworks all over the town. So welcome to the Year of The Rooster. As a wood Rabbit, yup that’s me, this year is apparently going to be a tough one. I’m not joking. 

“Rabbits will have bad luck in their careers in 2017. There will be heavy pressure at work and problems will frequently arise. You’ll have to solve them without any help.”

Inspirational huh? 😳 It makes you want to dive in to work for sure, especially since I am facing a rather big project..

“If you’d like to change your working environment this year, you’d be well advised to take the initiative and do so. Or if your company needs you to help expand its markets to other places, you may take this as an opportunity to develop your career.” 

“Expand its markets to other places..”? Yeah been there, kind of done doing that I feel. And considering this revelation..Where am I supposed to go? 😂

Thankfully I’m not a superstitious person, neither do I think that anyone or anything can decide what direction I choose to steer my life towards, so all I can say is bring it on. I’m ready Rooster, let’s dance. 

Love from Beijing ❤

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