From Beijing Blue to Winter Wonderland courtesy of Finnair

It’s been that time again. You know what I mean, it’s been one of those days in where I’ve spent most of my day up in the air. Well perhaps I do that most days.. but today I was in the hands of my favourite “take me home” carrier, Finnair. You know I’ve been praising them before and today is no different. You would think I’ve become Finnish all of a sudden 😋 But you see when you are somewhat apprehensive about flying & it’s a major part of your work to travel, you depend on a reliable airline and a service level above normal. And they have been delivering in all areas. 

I woke up under a blue sky in Beijing this morning which was a relief since yesterday was pretty bad. And let me tell you, when it’s good weather in Beijing, that town and its sky is hard to beat. It’s simply amazing. We call it the “Beijing Blue”. The drive out to the airport was quick and easy. You can still feel that the town is in “New Year’s Mode”, meaning it’s still pretty “empty”.In less than an hour I had left home, checked in and was sitting on the train out to the passport control. It must have been a record I think. And that despite the fact that the airport was pretty crowded. The fast track meant I could enjoy a Starbucks breakfast before boarding Finnair’s new a350. The plane was pretty full and I was expecting company in my 3-seater so imagine my surprise when in the end, I ended up all by myself. JOY! It’s rare so when it happens, enjoy it thoroughly. And I did (as you can see). Another thing I love about the a350 is their wifi connection. Not only the fact that it exists, but that it’s quite good too. Sure, perhaps I should stay off social media & internet for the 8 hr flight but why unless you really have to..? 😊

Seeing I am a reluctant flyer, I praise the fact that they’re giving you back your control with the flight cameras they provide. I love them.And upon landing, the Northern Lights display in the cabin gets you in the perfect mood. Pure genius. That, coupled with this landing, is why I chose to call it “Winter Wonderland”. Enjoy.Happy flying people! 

Love from Stockholm. ❤

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