Back pain, new workout routine and yes she’s at it again..

Let’s start with the mother of all evil shall we. My lower back. I’ve been standing up at work for the last 6-7 months now which has done wonders to my posture but totally destroyed my lower back and hips from time to time. It may have something to do with the fact that I’m not standing properly, meaning I’m not evenly distributing my weight. Instead I tend to shift it from foot to foot. Or I stand like I’m stretching after an long session at the gym with one foot on the rail underneath the table while leaning over the desk. I’m sure every or any ergonomics expert would cringe at the mere sight of me standing in that position. So did the doctor I went to yesterday after having experienced an unusually bad back pain for over a week. I caved in and called the clinic. But he kind of told me what I already knew – inflamed muscles in the lower back & hips. And in my upper left arm apparently. So that’s why it’s been hurting, ha, who knew. The doctor prescribed me some horse pills (no joke) and told me to take 6 per day as well as massage in some cream to deal with the pain. And so it begins, the road to recovery.

On another note the air and the weather in Beijing has been fantastic lately so I’ve moved my exercise routines outdoors. I’m now doing morning power walks along the river together with my fellow Beijing residents. I should take notes though while I walk cause there are some really interesting techniques on display such as backward jogging, this older gentleman walking with his eyes closed (remember I said along the river…?) holding his fingers in a triangle and a woman in high heels taking long strides while out walking. I wear sneakers and my chins are hurting like crazy so maybe she’s on to something, who knows? But what hits me the most is the stunning views watching Beijing wake up.

When I say “she’s at it again” I mean that  I’ve decided to finish up my Master Degree in Risk-and policy analysis.. I mean it’s  not like I have anything else to do. 😋 But it gives me a chance to think of something else apart from work. Although I’ve realised that my work will help me in finishing and understanding my studies. So a good symbiosis there. 

On that note people, have a fantastic weekend. I’m cleaning my terrace and enjoying some spring weather. 

Love from Beijing ❤️

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