Never underestimate the power of fear or a new haircut. 

Fear can drive you insane, make you want to lock yourself up and hide from the outside world. In the case of a 7-year old, it can probably manifest itself in a way making you physically sick. That’s what I think at least after watching my daughter go through major agony over her school trip. So much so she never went, despite the fact that she had been longing to go. She spent a whole morning vomiting and spiked a fever the night before she was supposed to go and the timing, coupled with the outburst of emotions saying she didn’t want to leave me and her daddy make me feel that fear is a powerful thing. But she went out of it stronger after a lot of talk and she’s back at it again, that’s my girl. ❤️

On another note her mom is feeling that she’s lost control over certain aspects of her life. So I’m taking control over the little things in life. Like my hair. Instead of going insane over the big mess in the morning and ending up wearing a ponytail most of the days, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and go short. Not short short but enough to make a drastic change. I’ve channeled my inner Bonnie (minus Clyde). And so far it’s all good. I am loving my new hair. And the ponytail is a no show. So we’re all working on our courage to change and step out of our comfort zone. It’s good for you, or so I’ve heard. 

Love from Beijing ❤️

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