On a bike in Beijing 

That’s me. I haven’t biked this much since childhood to be honest which might have something to do with the fact that I’ve lived in countries which were either too hilly or not very bike friendly. But now that I’ve moved to a city which is flat and bike friendly despite heavy congestion, the bike has made a major comeback. And I love it. 

Take this morning for example. Had an appointment with my physiotherapist early hours and it took me 5 mins to get there. And the way back, while stopping at the local cafe to have a coffee with newly arrived parent in laws, the weather was so nice, and the traffic so sparse, I had to film my journey. So this was my ride between the physio and the cafe. 🚴‍♀️

​And this morning was no exception. Yesterday I went looking for a cabinet/mantle for my bedroom so made a date with a friend to meet up with the bikes. We met, we looked but unfortunately, came out empty handed. After that we decided to ride our bikes against traffic to Lily’s nail salon for some pampering. Bubblegum pink nails later and we went back out to the bikes, this time we headed for the flower market. I needed some plants. Lotta then came up with the brilliant idea to swing by the fruit/veg market first in order to see if they had any soft avocados. They did. In abundance. 

When finished at the market we continued, on bikes, to the flower market. That place make me happy. And just look at my “springy” bike when I was done. 💕 Doesn’t that make you smile? Came home, placed my tulips downstairs in the living room..

And my fantastic large Callas found their place in my bedroom, on a leftover blue stool I found in my basement. Who needs tables?So from me and my spring flowers..

Love from Beijing ❤️

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