I’ve stood on Palace grounds and walked on one of the seven wonders. 

It’s been a productive week for sure. I took a whopping three days off work this week in order to spend some quality time with my in-laws. And to (finally) be a tourist in this amazing town I currently call home. Beijing has amazing history and lots to see but when you live and work here, you tend to forget the incredible vastness of it all. So this week, I’ve been a tourist. I’ve queued with thousands of people to get in to the Forbidden City, I’ve walked around with headphones on listening to the history of its different buildings and I’ve been in awe of its hugeness. Every since I watched The Lst Emperor for the first time I have wanted to visit The Forbidden City and on Tuesday it happened. It’s a true work of art. And I stood in amazement most of the time. My 7-year old however weren’t as impressed and didn’t really understand me when I said that she should soak it all up as she would read about this place in her history classes at school.. I call them the lost generation…

There were so many buildings to see. It would have been amazing to be able to enter one of the buildings but I fully understand that they have to be protected. 

I’m simply grateful to be standing in front of it all. 

Yesterday we continued in the “tourist tracks” and I was in for yet another major treat. I got to walk a part of one of the (new) Seven Wonders. The Great Wall of China. And so I managed to tick off two major “to do’s” on my bucket list. ❤️ I will visit both places again, for sure, and hopefully be able to explore them both in depth. But for now I’m just savouring the moment and enjoying life. 

Love from Beijing. ❤️

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