If you want me back in the real world, come find me.

Cause if there was one thing that my road trip in the Scottish Highlands made me perfectly clear on – I’m in love. I’m in love with the sun reflecting on the Highland mountains, of the cherry blossom trees lining the villages I passed, of the plentiful lochs and glens you pass everywhere, the windswept moors. (yes, they are windswept) and the Schumacher-worthy roads leading you yet another thing or place of beauty. I’m in love with the tree lodge I lived in on the first night, nestled into the trees on Dragons Tooth Golfcourse in Glencoe. Paradise.And the view it gave me in the morning…

Of the bay I arrived to when coming down from a steep mountain drive which took me completely by surprise. I was in search for coffee – I found something much better..Of Eilean Donan Castle. That magical place on the Loch where I dare anyone not to be life inspired. To find peace & a place to reboot.I found myself thinking I’d love to see it in winter rugged weather as well. It would still be gorgeous.I smiled when I saw Ben Nevis with its snow covered top. He kept me company for quite a drive. I didn’t stop (climbing with a herniated disc is not to be recommended or so I’ve heard..) but I stopped at so many P-stops along the way & studied him carefully with my lens so we feel like old friends. So I do believe you’ll understand me when I say that I hesitated on the phone when talking to my husband the other day. I was standing at that secluded bay, in search of the seals that the two local fishermen just notified me of when he finished off the conversation by saying “enjoy now before it’s time to head home. Because you’re coming home, aren’t you?” I felt it took me just a little too long to answer that question. Instead of saying a firm yes I said “or you could come find me”. And I know they’d have a heck of a search party along the way. Driving on those winding roads, taking ferries across rugged lochs and perhaps the occasional climbing of mountains. My daughter would complain about the lack of wifi or 4G, hubby would plan his next trail race.

Me? Where exactly would I be found? In a little boathouse in front of the impressive Loch Torridon, or in any boathouse in front of any of the Lochs I’ve passed along the way. 

I’d be writing on my book all day, take long walks along the stone covered beach, drink tea in abundance and hopefully, be happy and relaxed. I see a dog too. And perhaps a Highland Cow or two. I came back to reality yesterday. Edinburgh. So it’s not “all back to normal” yet. Flying home to Sweden today and then spending another couple of days in Stockholm before heading back to Beijing.

So to sum up this trip I’m giving you the introductory lines from my “Road Trip” theme song that has been playing on loud these days. But it’s better with its accompanying music so listen to it.

Birdy – Keeping your head up

“Times that I’ve seen you lose your way. You’re not in control and you won’t be told. All I can do to keep you safe is hold you close. Hold you close till you can breathe on your own. Till you can breathe on your own.”

Love from Edinburgh ❤️

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