I’m writing again.

My mojo is back. But surprisingly enough not in the same way it was before which means I am rethinking and rewriting certain parts of my book. A lot in the book is based on different relationships and say what you want, they are to some extent based on existing ones. And as we all know, relationships change, constantly. Life wouldn’t be life otherwise.

What it means for my book is that I have to rewrite two of my main characters in the book. I’ve realised that I’ve had a disillusioned view when it comes to them and I have to take a deeper look into their characters for it to work. Yes, it means a lot of work, but this is my baby. I have to be true to what I’m writing about, so I’ll do it over and do it right this time. 

On a completely different note, Beijing is going through a massive heatwave. It’s already over 35 degrees outside and it’s not even June. Furthermore we’re experiencing some dangerous ozone pollution which isn’t helping.. Hopefully though, it will be ok over the weekend.

Wish you all a fantastic and relaxing weekend, wherever in the world you are.

Love from Beijing ❤️

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