I’m a stress eating candy snatcher if you ask my daughter.

Cause you see if I’m stressed, I’ll eat. I kind of wish I was one of those who “forgot” to eat when they were under stress but no, I’m the opposite. Come to think about it I’m not sure if there’s anytime I would “forget” to eat. I’m a food lover, a dessert lover, a candy lover, well a lover of most things basically. And I’m also a thief. Yup, I’m a candy snatching thief. The worst kind also. The type of thief who only allows her daughter to eat candy on Saturdays and stores it on the top shelf of the cupboard so she won’t reach it. 

Only thing, mom does. Reach it I mean. And come stress, I’ll start pinching. One or two at first, then I’ll grow bolder and bolder.. then Saturday arrives & your daughter demands her weekly candy. Darn it, you didn’t have time to stock up.. Furthermore she’ll know. It’s Swedish candy in the bag, you can’t find such good stuff here…  But she doesn’t notice. Her concentration is thrown after debating how many candies she’s allowed to take. I start my bidding low and go in with two pieces. She looks at me like I was the devil. Ten! she says sharply. “What!?” is my counter answer, “that’s ridiculous”. “Four!” I counter. She goes in with seven, I stretch to five and she goes at it with six. I cave. Still way under what I would have agreed on. 

By that time she can’t concentrate on the amount of candy in the bag, only her designated six. Phew, I think, I made it. 

The days go by and I get even more bold.. Come on, she didn’t notice it last time! But one evening I went too far and when Friday came (she had been a good girl) and she went for her candy bag, I confessed.. head hung low. She looked at me with that massive disappointment in her eyes. “Mom, you always eat my candy!”. I agreed and promised to behave. I even called my friend who was going to IKEA that day to ask her to but my me some pick n’mix from there to top up her bag with. She did and all was restored! My daughter got her candy back & even (willingly) shared a few with me and my friend who bought them at IKEA. The leftovers were placed back on the top shelf where they belong. And there they stood. Until today. Cause I had one heck of a day at work today and I needed some candy. Unfortunately though it was right at the same time as my daughter came down from her bedroom wanting some water. 

I was caught red-handed and all I could hear was her screaming “Mooooom!!! Are you stealing my candy again???!!” My attempts to explain that it had been a horrible day at work were futile. In her eyes I was the sneaky candy snatcher. 

So into the dog house I go, only to be pardoned when the candy bad has been filled up again. IKEA anyone?

Love from Beijing ❤️

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