I’m apparently raising a budding hip hop dancer.

Who knew my daughter was such a cool kid? Yesterday when she came home from school she showed me her awesome dabbin skills. Yup. We had a “watch me dab dab and watch me nae nae” moment yesterday. She showed me, word.

Then came today. Her first school disco here in Beijing. It started this morning by having a hard time discussing what to wear before settling on a glittery skirt and a long sleeve t-shirt with a glittering heart on it. Short version – it was extremely girly. And off she hopped to school. “See you later mom, don’t forget to pick me up!” Eeeh, ok honey bun I answered and looked slightly bothered as some of the moms looked at me with a stern look. For the record, I have never forgotten to pick up my daughter… I have an alarm on my iPhone making sure of that. 😉

When picking her up at the school this afternoon the first question she asked was how long before she was coming back.. then, while eating her regular “after school ice-cream” she said “mom, I’ve told my classmates that if they come tonight I’ll show them my awesome dabbing moves”. Fantastic I said, slightly perplexed over her statement. And then came the real surprise. She chose a not so girly outfit for the disco and instead paired her shorts with converse shoes and shades.

She clearly had a mission “I can’t dance properly in a skirt mom!”I love ❤️ it. And her. She can surprise me like no one else. So she went to school full of confidence, ready willing and able to hit the dance floor. Mom wasn’t allowed to stay on however, apparently I’m not cool enough. 😳 She obviously doesn’t know what she’s talking about….

Nonetheless, when it was all over, we had two happy campers on the compound, happy for having survived their first disco encounter. ⭐️

Love from Beijing ❤️

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