My stint as a single parent has come to an end..

.. as hubby is cute sleeping off the jet lag after returning back from Sweden having competed in not one, but three, running races the last weeks. His grand finale though was the Stockholm Marathon on Saturday which he did in 3:19:40. Not bad, not bad at all.

So what have I learned during these two & a half weeks, other than I’m absolutely clueless when it comes to the every day workings of my daughters life? That I’m actually completely capable of doing it solo but that it still takes a village of volunteers who’s there for you when you need them. Especially when you don’t have family around. But let’s go back to the clueless part, shall we. 

Since I made it very clear just how out of the loop I was on our first alone day together by asking my daughter what she gets in her snack pack.. my daughter has found a way to assist me in my cluelessness. Every morning she has woken up by saying “good morning mom, today’s Monday, I need my regular school uniform, my snack pack, my water bottle and my homework folder”. Check! On Tuesdays it’s been “Good morning mom, today’s PE so I’ll need my PE uniform, my…” and so on. She’s been a trooper, and that despite the fact that I’ve eaten her candy! She’s a forgiving soul for sure. But she’s also a master manipulator. She really know how to play two sides.. There has been a lot of “but daddy promised..” or “but he said it was ok..” because come on, let’s be honest here, who wouldn’t take advantage of a clueless parent? ☺️ But the fun thing is – I can see her lying from a mile away.. seriously. She gets that look on her face, the “holier than thou” kind of look. And it’s not her normal face, trust me.

And then we had the dinner thing. Hate to admit it but we replayed two dishes in this household for two weeks. Pasta & mini-sausages or chicken with curry sauce and rice. Mainly because those were the two dishes she wanted so I chose my battles elsewhere. Let the girl eat what she wants. But having hubby back will hopefully mean more dishes in the making. 😋

But you see things change over time. I finally got the school thing down and we didn’t stress at all during the mornings and still managed to be on time. Homework was made, dinners were eaten and several visits to the pool were made. We survived. And had fun doing it. I was also amazed over the willingness from my daughter to take some responsibility and help out. Does it mean I haven’t missed my hubby? Heck no. If for nothing else, I’m looking forward to some adult conversations after 8pm. And I’m probably more grateful than ever for the every day help he provides. And as for the munchkin, well the munchkin has missed her dad for sure. She’s daddy’s girl, no doubt about it. ❤️

But all in all, lessons learned. And it’s good to spend some alone time with your kids once in a while, it’s not as scary as it sounds. ☺️

Love from Beijing ❤️

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