She’s back.

By popular demand. Apparently I am missed and who can resist that? Must be my witty charm, my enchanted life and my magical use of words that does the trick. Or Internet is simply boring enough to find my thoughts on life interesting enough to read. Whichever way you choose to spin it, your persistence did the trick,

Like a true tele nueva, let’s go through what you’ve missed in 30 seconds or less: worked too much, experienced a herniated disc in my back, took a looooong vacation in Sweden, came back to Beijing, still completely clueless about the everyday doings of my gorgeous daughter, stopped eating candy (no joke) and cut off my hair. There. My last six months or so wrapped up in a neat little package. 🎁 So this is me nowadays.

So let’s move on from here shall we?

Love from Beijing ❤️

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