Housewife material extraordinaire.

Like always my head exits and enters vacation mode before my body does. I’ve therefore had a need for sporadic and spontaneous vacation days lately. My head’s simply not in the game. And it’s been during these days that I’ve come to realise that I could actually be housewife material after all. As long as there’s a Taobao or equivalent available. Imagine daytime TV-shopping on crack but online without cheesy commentators or women on stilts trying to sell you stuff. No no, this is the real deal people. You search, click and order and voila it appears on your door step (or in my case at the gate). So imagine my joy when I found out that I don’t have to run around Beijing in order to find my designated youth serum but that their flagship store was readily available with just a click of a button.. ❤️

It’s soooo addictive. 🙄 So yes, I’d probably send the family into personal bankruptcy but if we put that to the side, it’s my firm belief that I’d make an excellent housewife. Just sayin.

On a completely different note. My mom’s been here for 4 weeks and before you go WHAT?!? let me say that it’s gone surprisingly smooth. And I’m not writing that just because I know she’ll be reading my post, it’s actually true. It has also meant that sightseeing has been on the agenda, both “locally” and downtown. And I gotta say, LOVE the lakes and the Hutongs.

A Dragon Boat festival had us cheering on my Team Boat and led us to talk a walk in the historical parts of Beijing. 👌🏻 And even though my daughter spent most of her time head down in YouTube, my mom appreciated the sights. And I appreciated the cooler weather… 💦

Mom will be here for another two weeks so let’s see what else we’ll have time for. Stay tuned peeps.

And oh yes, have a lovely weekend.

Love from Beijing ❤️

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