Writing moods.

I think I’ve started on, at least, four books during my lifetime. All completely different. Just like I’m a mood eater, I’m a mood writer. No joke when I say that if you’ve watched the movie “Inside Out”, you’ve found the holy grail to my writing – if Joy’s in charge I’ll go funny, sexy and flirty. I’ll be like a middle version of Fifty Shades of Grey and When Harry Met Sally. Come Anger and I’ll go dark, mysterious and looking for trouble. Like Girl with a Dragon Tattoo but weirder. Come Sadness and out comes Jane Austen, you know the one. She who thinks life doesn’t deserve such a beautiful soul and that the grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side. But hold on to your horses if Disgust should ever arrive. Then I go completely bonkers and out comes that stuff which should mostly be heard live and should never be written down… and lastly people, we have Fear. When that guy’s in charge, I’ll stop writing completely. Cause who do you really think you are Missy and who would really like to read those ridiculous stories of yours? Yup, I’m sure you’re all familiar with that persona..

I’m not saying that I prefer one over the other and my writing surely has contributions from all of them but if I could chose I’d go with a combo between Joy and a little bit of Anger or even disgust. That’s my favourite writing mood. Flirty and sarcastic. 😊

Love from Beijing ❤️

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