Summer break and crazy fertility rituals

“School’s out for summer” is what pops up in my mind when I realise that my munchkin has managed to survive yet another year of school. I say survive because if she’s anything like her mother, the “fun” will soon begin… For now though I’ll enjoy the “report cards” coming home at the end of the year saying how hard she’s worked and how well she’s done. And to celebrate the beginning of summer break, Grandma, who’s here visiting, had made a “Princess Cake”.

Someone was mighty happy. ☺️

But school is a tricky thing. I strongly disliked going to school when was young and innocent. (I say “strongly disliked” as I’m trying to teach my eight year old that hate is too harsh a word but whom am I kidding really, I hated it with a passion.) Complete waste of my time. Unless of course it was a subject I was fond of. And what might that be you ask. History for sure. There’s something about getting to know other people and culture, about the ways of the world. I love history. What else. Social sciences. For sure. My teacher once said I should be a politician because I could argue down anyone with my beliefs. Whether it was regarding taxes or the impact advertising had on society, I was the girl to have on your debate team. Typewriting. Hey, you’re not allowed to laugh. I loved it, and was darn good at it too. For my munchkin it’s mathematics. She’s inherited that side from her number crunching dad. Apart from numbers, she’s good at languages – that part I take credit for. At least when it comes to the interest in them. But that might all change, we’ll see.

That was yesterday, today we celebrate “Midsummer”. The amazing Swedish festivity where we dance around a fertility pole pretending to be small green frogs. You may wonder if we do this voluntarily or we are forced into it, my answer is that it usually involves a lot of alcohol. I’ll let this video explain it all for you.

Midsummer for dummies

Watch it carefully. It may explain a lot about us Nordics…

Here in Beijing we took it a lot easier however. Basically no alcohol involved and only a tiny “Skagenröra” (shrimp/mayo/dill mix) to show for it. But that’s what you get for spending 14 years “on the run”. The memories slowly, but surely fade away. 🙄

Enjoy your Friday! And if you’re in Sweden and just happen to stumble on a large crowd dancing around a pole quacking like frogs, don’t be alarmed. It too will pass.

Love from Beijing ❤️

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