Dear Santa, I want a red cottage with white trimmings. And a lot less sun rashes.

After the humidity and heat in Beijing I was longing for some pullover summer vacation in Sweden. Yeah right. Sweden’s experiencing a heatwave like no other. Where’s my +18 degrees and rain, my moody country men complaining about the bad weather and the overfilled indoor playhouses? Not here, that’s for sure.

Instead the sun’s shining on a blue sky and the cities are deserted while the beaches run over. It’s been like this since May really and people seem to be wondering when it will turn. But all the weather prognosis is giving us is sun, sun and more sun which means heading outdoors. And when you’re in the Jönköping region the place to go is Visingsö. And Santa, if you can hear me, I want one of these.Preferably with a view of this.Mostly so that we can spend loads and loads of days just like this.And to do so I wouldn’t mind even getting on one of these to reach “civilisation”Or one of these to go to the grocery store…Because to see the smile on my daughters face when entering the fresh (and slightly cold..) sea and experience the stamina with which she fought the hills with, made me feel like this is what summer break is all about. Peace, quiet and cold seas. So please Santa… I promise to be a good girl. And oh yes, if you could make these bloody sun rashes that I’m experiencing all over disappear too, I’ll be good even next year.

Love from Trollhättan where we are about to watch Hubby run “Kraftprovet 2018” ❤️

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