All hail the Queen of procrastination and indecisiveness

C’est moi. The only person I know who can be so stubborn when she wants too but oh so elusive when she chooses to be. Who can have such strong beliefs one day but doubt them the next. To be honest, we all know my type.

I’m the one who can’t wait for bad decisions to take place so instead I run straight for it when an idea (or obsession) comes to mind. I think I’m afraid to give people too much space to think for themselves.. nothing good ever came out of that. 😉  But I’m also the person who always tend to yell at my (almost) 10-year old daughter when she does the same – “My god Selma, you have to learn to be more patient!”. 🙄 Needless to point out, I’m not living as I learn.

I’m also the type who can quit smoking after 20+ years without problem but I still won’t admit I’m a non-smoker (I’m just on a temporary break because I’m not really a non-smoker). 🤔 Cause saying I’m a non smoker makes me feel like I could never change my mind.

I’m also the type of person who can go to the gym every day for like 6-months “because it’s so good for you” and then decide one day that “nah, that’s not for me”. 😳 Cause who didn’t wake up one morning with a much better idea than the day before?

I’m really my own worst enemy (or friend depending on how you see it). The one who always manages to get into trouble without really trying too hard. The one who feels too strongly, talks too loudly and is too stubborn for my own good.

But hey. we’ve lived together for 44-years, I’m sure we can manage a couple of more.

On a completely different note. Minus 11 days and counting. To vacation that is. That oh so well deserved break we all long for throughout 11 months of the year (aproximately). And this year we’re truly going on a vacation as well. 3 weeks road tripping in the US (West Coast) and 2 weeks in good old Sweden.  Needless to say, I’m so ready. More information coming.

And yes, I’m back to writwing. Cause even there I can’t make up my mind. Quit or continue….?

Love from Beijing ❤

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