An ugly crier, a wanderer and an obedient slave to the hair thinning scissors.

You know one of those people who watch a mushy movie or series on TV and sit and cries in the sofa. And I’m not talking about small, hard to see, tears rolling slowly down my cheeks – heck no, I’m talking crocodile style massive ones who could replenish the ocean. That’s me. All emotions on the outside, a romantic at heart but with a wilde side too. Usually a good mix but you never know.

I’m a wanderer as well. Who has (potentially) come home to roost for a while before heading out in the big exciting world again. It’s been 16 years in the making and I’m looking forward to rediscovering my hometown again. So far it’s a true love story but I’ll keep you posted along the way.. I’m certain that my restlessness that has been the red thread throughout my life will show its ugly face some day but for now, I’ll just enjoy the moment. Stockholm is a gorgeous posting and for sure the most beautiful capital in the world.

Thankful for the walks, the nature, the clean air and long summer nights. The spring in Beijing was interesting indeed and even though Covid-19 is still very much present in the world, I’m happy to be home and close to family and friends. ❤️

Our household stuff hasn’t arrived yet so we are currently living in a sparsely decorated apartment with minimal stuff. It’s fantastic. Soon it will be cluttered with things from 16 years abroad in 5 different countries and I will pull big chunks of hair from my scalp trying to figure out where to place everything. But no worries, I’ve got enough hair for it… which ultimately leads me to…

Every time I see this little sucker I think of Britney’s “I’m a slave for you” song.. this is the best, and scariest, gadget I’ve ever bought. With my short, thick, hair summer and hot weather is hell on earth which means this baby comes out. But as soon as I start.. I can’t stop. It’s an obsession.. So imagine my excitement when I found out that our apartment has a four way mirror in the bathroom which means I can see properly when cutting the back of my head 😂 No more struggles with extra mirrors or taking pictures with the phone to see how it looks. 🙈

So bring on the summer, this mama & her thinning scissors are ready for you.

Love from Stockholm ❤️

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