Library card, acupuncture, lamps and ice-cream. In that particular order.

And then it hits you like a slap in the face. I’ve truly moved home. Cause when you get yourself an old-school library card (mostly for the smell and sound of books – yes, listen to the flip of the pages..) it has to be the ultimate sign that you’ve settled. And what a library she is.. ❤️

I had another reason for hanging around that neighbourhood as well. I’ve decided to open myself up to the idea that acupuncture might actually help to get my stress levels down to normal. Cause when I say “my head is never quiet” I don’t mean it as a joke. It rarely is. If you’ve been reading my blog you can perhaps remember the post I did about “defining myself by my work”. Well honey, those days are over – watch me. It’s one thing working and living abroad, being constantly reminded that you represent something or someone. It’s about time to start representing me, myself and I. While still doing one hell of a job, naturally. 😉 It was an experience for sure, being diagnosed by my pulse, tongue and other markings on my body. My Yin is not as strong as my Yang apparently and I’ve lost my Chi. So we’re claiming it back. ☺️ I’m open for most things so why not give it a go?

After being poked by small needles (yes, I survived) I realised that the lamps I ordered just before leaving Beijing, and which should arrive to a town nearby within a couple of days, are the hottest thing on the market nowadays. Feel free to call me an influencer any day 😉 It was strange to be in the lamp store and go “I’ve got that one, and that one and. Oh, that too”.

Looking forward to getting my hands dirty decorating my home once again. ❤️

So after getting a library card, being poked by needles and realising that you’ve probably saved around 40 000 SEK on lamps, there is only one thing left to do. Eat ice-cream. Damn you Sweden for your protein ice-creams without added sugar, you’ve got me hooked.

Love from a chilly, but sunny Stockholm ❤️

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