Do it like a Swede.

Well peeps, it’s about that time. Below you’ll find my top 5 tips for reintegrating to Sweden, or as I lovingly call it: “do it like a Swede”. Cause even though I was born in this country, it won’t be a walk in the park..

1) Don’t ever let the weather fool you. Like in Ireland (my second home ❤️), the day can have four seasons in one, just embrace it and if you feel like doing something, just do it. Like taking two kids to Skansen (first open-air museum and zoo in Sweden) despite a rainy day and end up seeing a mama bear with 5 (!) cubs.

Life is too short to be bitching and soon enough, all you will be talking about is the weather, trust me, we’re obsessed. 😉

2) Find friends who can introduce you to “Taco Friday”. Cause people, trust me, it’s a thing. That and “Fredagsmys” (Friday cosy). But who doesn’t love tacos?! And cosy I could take any day. Bring some wine and “lösgodis” and you’ll have a great night. If you want a more detailed description of what it is, I’d suggest this blog post Taco Friday

3) Find the closest forest and start mushroom picking. Take advantage of the free roaming (allemansrätten). Right to Public Access Or enlist a friend with a hunting lodge whom you can persuade to invite you over. You won’t reintegrate fully until you’ve roamed around blueberry bushes searching for chanterelle clusters.

4) Embrace the wonders of Eurovision. Or at least, fake it until you make it. If you need some help to overcome your fear or major dislike of it, watch Will Ferells movie about it. It will make you sarcastically appreciate it from an imported Americans perspective (he’s married to a Swede so he has all access to the madness).

I also hereby promise that if I would ever start watching the horror show, or worse – start arranging Eurovision “parties” for friends and neighbours – I’m out of here.

5) Expand your sneaker wardrobe. Cause my dears, you’ll walk like you’ve never walked before. Seeing I’ve lived in many different countries, for longer period of times, I can with confidence say that I’ve never walked so much as I do in Stockholm. And I’ve documented it too so if you need proof, holla at your girl and I’ll prove it. 😉

So there you have it. The magic 5. Do them, repeat them and enjoy them and you’ll be in before you know it.

Oh, and I’ll give you a bonus tip (unofficial no 6).. Enjoy the sun when it’s out. Cause honey, you’ll miss it come winter. ☀️

Love from Stockholm ❤️

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