The gang’s all here.. now get in formation will you?!

.. you would think I’d be used to it after this being my 6th move in 16 years. But no. It never ceases to amaze me how much crap one can collect, even though one spent weeks cleaning out and donating half of the household goods to colleagues and charities..

Despite all that hard work, this showed up yesterday morning.

Yup, all mine. Welcome to the North Side. 🇸🇪

It’s kind of a mixture between Christmas Eve (seeing we haven’t seen our stuff since middle of May) and hell on earth at the same time. Very confusing 🙈 You’re jumping for joy over the fact that your blender survived the long boat trip over from Beijing so that you can make proper pancakes. But where the hell will it fit? 🤔 You see, it has to share space with the crockpot, the waffle iron, the Kenwood mixer (❤️) and they’re not sharing.. or rather, I need to start talking to architects on how to design proper kitchens… Trust me. If I ever get to build my own house, I know exactly how I’d want it. 🙏🏻 And it’s not going to be like this..

Then, moving into the wardrobe of my dreams.. a whole room to myself. Well, it looked amazing BEFORE the wardrobe arrived. I mean, just look at this… 😍

Gorgeous, right? Well look at it now… 🙈

And with that, it went from being the room of my dreams to stuff of nightmares… Or at least “welcome to your vacation”.. Fortunately the weather outside helps..

And then, my dears, we come to the living room. I mean it has all the makings of a love story…

But I just don’t know how to get them in formation. Yet. But no worries. I will get there.. They will all find their own place. Eventually.

I have to say though, it’s nice to see the whole gang gathered together in Sweden. Some of theses beauties have been with me a long time, some are newer. Some are IKEA, some are locally made, and some are just, magic. Like this amazing oil painting that I bought in Hanoi in 2011. I still remember her hanging in the Art Gallery window when I walked past together with mom who was visiting. Couldn’t take my eyes off her. Kept thinking of her for days and finally went in and bought it.

I’ve come to realise that there is probably a reason behind my infatuation of this specific painting. At this time in my career I was working with issues related to child trafficking and adoptions. I read a lot of stories, reports and talked to a lot of experts on the subject. To be brutally honest, I think I felt like I wanted to “save her”. But that’s another story..

Until then my people, stay safe.

Love from Stockholm ❤️

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