An evening in the presence of rockstars and perfection on a plate. Or two.

That’s how I would describe last nights Chefs Table with Desireé Jaks and her colleagues at Agrikultur. This is the place where the food is in focus, not the chefs. And you can clearly tell that they not only respect the process, from farmer to plate by supporting small farmers, but that they truly want to make a difference. And yesterday, this Rockstar was front centre of it all.

Watching her prepare the plates in front of us was not only mesmerising, it was a work of art from the beginning of the evening to the end. 👌🏻

The whole evening was informal and cosy, intimate almost, as you sit so close to the people who carefully prepared the dishes. From the beginning when you were guided behind the curtain to the kitchen counter and took your seat on the stool in front of the kitchen crew, you knew that you were in for a treat. A glass of the house champagne from a small family brewery started off the evening. And who says no to Champagne?

In front of you were the evening’s menu. And don’t you just love not having to chose..? It’s all there for you to simply enjoy.

And with a small slice with the knife – “open sesame”. Instantly the tastebuds started to water..

King crab started off the evening. Boiled, smoked.. a variety of sorts. And with the most amazing tomato water I’ve ever had. The taste was so intense. We had to ask how they got it so clear. They gave us all the secrets. ☺️

Gorgeous on the plate, as well as on the pallet. ❤️🌿

Onwards to the next dish. An intense pea and cabbage soup. Earthy and delicious.

You can’t get that depth making it at home, well at least I can’t. 😉 Loved it. The king crab and soup was paired with a French white wine from Bourgogne that was so good – Clos du Four. Another small family winery, another winner.

And as always, any soup should be paired with bread. This home made cracker with cream cheese was a perfect match. 👌🏻

Fish. Let me say that again. Fish. Cultivated perch to be more exact. Fits my new found love for anything sea born at the moment. And this dish did not disappoint. Butter, more butter paired with garlic zucchini and mangold. ❤️

Oh, and did I say butter!? Well done. And welcome in my belly. ❤️ By here, Lotta and I were mighty pleased and kept looking forward to the next dish more and more.

And it was then it happened. The surprise of the evening – the extra dish of the day. The one that you said “ok” to but thought it would be simply a side note. Heck no. This, my friends, was AMAZING. ❤️

Simple, delicious, heaven on a plate. 😍 Potato cream with roasted hay (yes, hay), browned butter, vinegar paired with white fish roe from Kalix. This, my friends, was one of the best dishes I’ve had in a long time… Hands down. The intensity of the potato cream with the smooth roe created magic in my mouth.

And with that piece of magic came, of course, a shot of the house Gin from Stockholms Bränneri Yes, they have their own. And my god, it was delish.

So what could you possibly do to top that? Well, you could serve a dish made to appreciate pork in all its glory. More precise, a pork loin with vinegar boiled apple, fried onion, cabbage and a tarragon cream. Served with a sauce made with Swedish chanterelles and smoked pork belly. 👌🏻

Hands down, in my opinion, the apple brought the game in this dish. 🍏 So so good. And with this came the red wine of the evening.. a lovely Bordeaux with a lot of cherry notes in it.

By now, the combination of excellent food and wine – as well as a lot of laughs with the chefs in the kitchen (including suggestions on how to make me appreciate oysters… and where to get the best Guinness in Stockholm) the mood was on point.

And in came the palette cleanser to prepare us for the dessert. A sorbet made on sorrel and apple. The freshness was real.

Drink wise we moved down to Italy..

Extremely sweet. But good. And it went perfect with the desserts. Two to be precise. First out was an ice cream paired with blueberry and cloudberries, frozen camomile tea and Swedish maple syrup. Loved it.

Second was wild raspberries in a tartlet made of Jerusalem artichoke purée with a milk cream and elderberry juice. 👌🏻 Being a huge fan of wild raspberries, this hit the note.

We also had coffee and tried a really good calvados… 🙄 So we basically tried the whole thing..

And was it worth the visit? For sure. If not only for the amazing people and their craftsmanship. So major thank you to Desireé and her team for feeding us, for trying to convince me that oysters are edible and for giving me a Lotta a night to remember. 🙏🏻 We will be back.

Love from Stockholm. ❤️

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