Summer with a twist of tonic and the key to eternal youth.

Stockholm is on its best behaviour at the moment. A bit too hot for my liking (if you’re stuck in town) but it’s all about making the most of the summer nights as well as being so close to friends and family again ❤️

So last night was girls night with my main squeeze, the one and only Zara. Fun story really. We met in Dublin many moons ago as she was a work colleague of my then boyfriend (now husband). We roamed the streets of Dublin, abused the many golf courses around the city and partied like it was 1999.

We realised yesterday that it must be 14 or so years nowadays.. crazy how time flies when you’re having fun…

Fast forward to yesterday. The evening that saw Ms Zara drink Gin although she doesn’t like it, who got on a scooter 🛴 to her own disbelief and who became an involuntary guidance counsellor to a young man while at Tures bar. But let’s not get ahead of us, shall we?

Let’s talk summer in the city.. more specific Strandvägen in Stockholm..

this is where you find gems like Sjö och Land (S.O.L)

A boat/restaurant/bar with a view. And this is where we started our evening yesterday by having a light dinner accompanied by bubbles. Of course. 🥂

The 7 minute egg was creamy, the shrimps salty and the yellow beets were divine. The bubbles too. We weren’t envy of the people sitting out on the pontoon part of the boat however as the water was kind of rocking… made us seasick just watching them go up and down, and up and down… 🙈

After dinner we took the tram out to Djurgården. Well a couple of stops at least. It didn’t take us where we wanted but that’s when I convinced the lovely Zara that electric scooters are the new, well something. She was hesitant at first but when you have to chose between a 15 min walk in 30 degrees heat or getting on a scooter, the scooter will always win.

On we went and to this magical place we arrived… Rosendals trädgård

A true oasis in the middle of Stockholm with focus on sustainability and home grown love. ❤️

Not only do they promote visitors to borrow a pair of scissors and cut their own flowers, to wander through the gardens but also, to stop an enjoy life for a moment or two in their outdoor kitchen during the summer. And that’s where we ended up yesterday. To enjoy a guest act by Stockholms Bränneri , the first craft distillery in Stockholm, who is making head weight by giving their Gin a Nordic twist with tribute to their surroundings. These were the two stars of the evening.

The Rosendals Garden Gin made especially for the evening with mint, Spanish chervil, rhubarb and lilac flower. 👌🏻 I had it, was amazing. Especially when enjoyed with view like this.

Nicely perched on one of these…

Zara tried the spritzer made out of Red, the Stockholm aperitif which according to themselves is based on fortified Swedish, organic, apple cider infused with rowanberries and other roots for the perfect balance between bitter and sweet. Orange peel, gentian root and marshmallows is also part of what gives a tangy note to it. Zara throughly enjoyed it, I preferred the garden G&T.

The Garden closes at 8pm and since the evening was still young, we decided to take ourselves back down to Strandvägen where we ended up at Strand Bistron And back to bubbles we went.

Complaining would be futile. The evening was getting cooler (read normal summer temperatures) and the company magical. This is the spot where I found out that Ma Zara has a whole file with old pictures of me due to face recognition and when she showed me an olden goldie of locks from the past, we had a good laugh indeed… cause my dears, I haven’t always had this short hair.. no, no, I’ve had my share of lion manes.. 🙄

But the shorter I went, the younger I looked so in Beijing, it was time to just chop it off. First to here..

And then just all the way..

So there we are. The key to youth – let go of your locks. ☺️

But back to last night. After lovely conversation and a couple of glasses of Champagne later, we started our walk “back home” with a few pit stops at Grev Turegatan on the way..

It was one of those nights where you feel grateful for being so close to friends and family again. ❤️ To be able to enjoy an evening like yesterday without finishing it by saying “see you in 6 months” or “perhaps we’ll have a chance to see each other again before we head back”..

More evenings like yesterday please. 😍

Love from Stockholm ❤️

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