Cognac, as in the root. And a little something called the end of an era.

How can I explain this without sounding like a crazy person? You know the feeling you get when you twirl spaghetti around your fork until it forms this perfect little pasta lump.. you bring the fork to your mouth and enjoy a mouthful of al dente cooked spaghetti smoothed in (at least for my liking) garlic and butter..? That feeling. Well let’s just say that I haven’t had it in years. A year and a half to be honest. Since starting Keto in February 2019, pasta has been a thing of the past. And I haven’t really missed it, I’ve exchanged it for zoodles (zucchini noodles) or a simple salad. But seriously people, whom am I kidding?

Enter Root Pasta, a substitute for pasta, rice and noodles which – at first smell – stands out like fish on dry land but after some thorough rinsing under the sink, actually works well.

It’s based on flour from the Cognac root from Asia which is high in fibre. After harvest it’s washed, chopped and prepared to be dried. After that they grind it into a flour and shape it into different versions of pasta (spaghetti, rice, fettuccine and noodles) and mixed with water and calcium hydroxide. Have to admit I was sceptic about trying it out, but since my favourite saying is “no one remembers a coward…” ☺️

So ladies and gents, for the first time in like, forever, I got to spin my fork…

And let me just say. I’m not complaining. Not at all. Texture gets 9/10, taste 8/10 (well basically it’s tasteless) and the overall feeling of having something “pasta like” on my plate. Priceless.

So here’s one lady who’s actually looking forward to trying the rice, the noodles and the fettuccine. 👌🏻


Attachments people, they’re real. And even though they may have consisted of fleeting meetings once or twice per year only, they have been one of the more consistent ones in my adult life. Annual checkups with my amazing support team. The team of doctors and nurses who have been through parasites, pregnancy, arthritis in my shoulder, herniated disc, severe stress syndrome, migraine updates, stern mammogram reminders and tilted head looks with serious questions such as “how are you really feeling and are you doing your relaxation exercises?” with me for the last 16 years. The magicians whom, every year, break down the lab results for me in order to let me understand what the heck all the abbreviations are for. Who scolded me when i smoked and who asked “what have you been doing to yourself ” when coming in as a lighter, stronger version of myself.

Yesterday I had my final such checkup. I got to end my stint abroad by hearing once again that I’m healthy, that everything looks normal and that I should continue with what I’m doing to my body and mind. Yesterday I got asked if there was any final issues to bring up or that I needed their assistance with? Yesterday was also the day wheee my physician of x amount of years looked at me and said “well Nina, I hope you’re getting a position where you will travel a lot and hence have a reason to come see us again soon.” He also had to add “saying that, I have a sneaking suspicion that we may see you here soon enough heading out somewhere else in the world..

Not for now Dr Calle, not for now. I’m loving this home bound version of myself just a little too much. But who knows when the love affair will end. Until then.

Love from Stockholm ❤️

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