Recent writing mood. Joy with just a little bit of anger.

That means I’m in a sassy, flirty and sarcastic kind of mood. To be honest I’d say that, when I’m there, that’s when I write my best. I need to be “in the story” in order to get it out though and my mindset hasn’t even been close the last 6 months. But lately it’s been going in the right direction so I am making the most of it. ☺️

Very few people have had the honour (or horror?!) to read my work so far. And probably very few will in the end. ☺️ But it’s not about the amount of readers I’d say. It’s about the process of getting it down on paper and think about something completely different than everyday life. Its escapism at its best. And who doesn’t love that from time to time?

Is Jo based on me? No. Sure, there are similarities but no, she’s not. She’s a mixture I would say. Is there a Person based on the main male character? Both yes and no. Like with Jo I would say that he’s grown during the project to become someone else than he was from the beginning.

All characters in my so called “book project” are mirrored by people around me and new characters pop up all the time. It all depends on whom I meet and whom I like enough to integrate into the story. 😉 So yes, I am sure that there are people in my surroundings who would go “hmm, hang on.. I recognise that person.. 🤔” if they read it but I also think many would be totally clueless that the character was loosely based on him/her. Because it’s my take on them. Not theirs. That said, I’m grateful for each and everyone who contributes to the book in any or every way. 🙏🏻

Hopefully, one fine day, it will be finished enough for me to be able to let it go.. I do think, however, that it will take one more of my inspirational trips to The Highlands for that to happen.. It went so well last time… ❤️🌿

So when this Corona crap is all over.. Come find me in the Highlands. I’ll be the one in the house next to the loch listening to the winds sweep over the moors and the rain brutally whipping against the windows while overlooking the open fire in my robe. And trust me when I say, I will be loving every second of it.

Love from Stockholm ❤️

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