Wall murals, breathtaking architecture and the apartment of my dreams.

Facebook reminded me of a memory today which sent me straight to Kyiv appreciation mode. So I felt like I needed to share an ode to the town that not just surpassed all my expectations and sent me into awe more times than I could count but it was also the posting where I encountered, and lived, in the apartment of my dreams.

Kyiv. Capital of Ukraine and a European gem longing to be an independent part of Europe. We arrived “past Maidan” to a town (and country) in turmoil but with a spirit that was so strong. I won’t lie, family and friends thought me crazy when I accepted the posting but I’ve never said no to a challenge and nor will I. And in hindsight, I’m so glad I didn’t because it went on to become a much too short, but oh so lovely, 2 years.

So here are my top reasons for visiting Kyiv when this whole Corona crap is over…

The city’s wall murals and love for art.

I mean, seriously? It’s one of the most “artsy” towns I’ve been to and many of these gorgeous walls were located in and around our own neighbourhood.

Simply stunning. 👌🏻 There are also parks with art installations or simply playgrounds with a twist scattered around the city. You never know where you will end up finding new favourite places to hang. The Mosaic Park pictured below, for example, also hosted a food/thrift market on a regular basis. You can read more about the park here – Landscape Alley.

You could walk around the town regularly and still see new things pop up all the time.

The architecture.

I mean, come on people…

We lived just behind Saint Sophia Cathedral (Sofisky) which is located in the middle of the city centre. Built in the 11th century, it’s one of the few surviving buildings of the Kyiv Rus’ time. Believe me when I say, it’s stunning.

It was in one of the annexes of St Sophia where we hosted a Lucia Reception in my final year in Kyiv. I came up with the idea of projecting a promotional film of Sweden on to the building as a surprise for the guests.

That was one fun evening. 🙏🏻

The small restaurants and cafes located around the town.

There is something for everyone in Kyiv when it comes to food and drinks. Anything from comfort food like pelmeni or vareniki

to syrniki or borscht to more international food such as Gerorgian or even Chinese fusion. One of my favourite Modern Chinese fusion restaurant was actually located in Kyiv and I have a previous blog post on it which I’ve linked to here.

Restaurant Bao, is by far, an experience which I would highly recommend. 👌🏻

Ok there are so many more reasons but I can’t list them all. Such as the neighbouring areas we went to – Glebovka being one of them ❤️

Try not falling in love with this place.. 😍 We spent both Easter and Midsummer at this place and loved it.

But what did I take with me apart from all the things mentioned above? Friends and family and fantastic colleagues of course.

It was the town where my Selma got to meet her Elsa. ❤️

It was where I met my Norwegian BFF whom I spent endless evenings smoking and gossiping with

It was where I lived in the apartment of my dreams..

And it was there my daughter started her school journey. Blooming from a pre-schooler to a fully fledged first grader. Vyshyvanka and all.

So, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Kyiv for taking such good care of us ❤️ I miss you.

Love from Stockholm ❤️

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