You asked, I obey. Blog world, meet Jo.

I’ve been asked if I would consider sharing some of my writing here. I’m not there yet. It’s still “my” story and until I let go of that..

Instead I’m sharing my description of my main character Jo as seen from the “narrator” of the story (i.e me). This will at least give you an idea of the storyline.


Meet Ms Jo. On the outside, she’s a real badass woman. She comes off as strong and considering her witty, sarcastic comebacks and comments, she’s not afraid to speak her mind. Yet, underneath that tough exterior, she has a big, mushy heart. Her emotions are real, profound, and powerful, and she feels things on a deeper level.

Jo is quick on the uptake. She is smart and resourceful, and she can adapt to any given situation. Whatever she’s doing, she knows how to make it interesting and fun. Whether she makes witty puns or tells good, funny jokes, her sense of humor is a part of her natural charm. She also often tells crude jokes and makes sarcastic comments, but she never mean to offend or hurt anyone. That’s just the way her mind works. So you’d better have a good sense of humour, otherwise, you’re likely to find her jokes mean and perhaps even threatening.

To Jo, love is not about saying “I love you” or going out on romantic dates. Hell, no! Instead, she can throw you a surprise party out of the blue or simply just look up from the newspaper at the breakfast table and say “Hey sweet asshole, I love you so much.” But, that’s what you get when you’re loved by a girl with a mind that is never quiet.

If you make a sarcastic remark or tell a joke at her own expense, she won’t get offended – quite the opposite actually. She has a sharp, remarkable wit, and this enables her to tolerate other people’s sarcastic comments. Yet, what she’ll never tolerate is if you say mean things that are designed to offend her or to trigger a response. She is fully aware that there’s a huge difference between witty comments and ones that are sardonic, hostile, and snarky.

Don’t let her façade fool you. She may seem indifferent and even insensitive to you at times, but underneath that façade, there’s a big, soft heart beating wildly just for you. The thing is, though, this girl hates to be vulnerable and will protect herself by hiding her true emotions like they’re her secret treasure.

You will know if she truly loves you through her actions however. She’s kind, compassionate, and loving. She takes care of your needs and she’s always willing to lend you a listening ear and offer you her help and support when you need them.

To Jo loyalty is everything and she’s fiercely protective of those who deserve it. Those who don’t need not bother. She’s a solivagant at heart, a lone wanderer with a huge wanderlust. Yet she craves intimacy on a deeper level.

She’s sexy and confident and know how to use her assets to her advantage without being too overwhelming. Yet she can be extremely vulnerable and insecure at times, especially around people she find interesting.

She doesn’t like to play by society’s rules on how things should be but try to create her own story. Her motto in life is “Choose your own path. And if there is no way, create one.”


I promise to give you more when I’m ready. But for now, there you have her. My wild Irish ☘️ Jo whose spirit animal simply has to be a Heilan Coo. ☺️

Love from Stockholm ❤️

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