I have magical friends and a new found love for oysters and French 75.

Seriously people, I am a lucky woman. I’m not rich, nor do I have a perfect life – but I have seriously magical friends. The kind of people you want to be with, always. Family. ❤️ Some have been with me for the longest of times, some are newer. But one thing is certain – they are all important parts of my life.

Yesterday, one of these lovely friends of mine, Ms Lotta, took it upon herself to convince me that oysters are not the devils of the sea but actually a delicacy. I wasn’t convinced but seeing that I kind of made a promise to her (and Desiree) at our dinner at Agrikultur a couple of weeks ago, I thought I’d give it a go. And like always, when you go to dinner at Lotta’s, you bring something cold and bubbly.

And seeing that she’s a hostess with the mostest, she deserves some gorgeous summer flowers.

Once at her gorgeous apartment in the southern part of town (my childhood holds) I was treated to the most amazing drink, a French 75. The mixture of gin, lemon syrup and champagne 😍

It knew exactly where to hit.. delicious on a whole different level and perfect for a hot summer evening.

And after a lot of laughs and a magician in the kitchen.. there they stood.

The smell of sea was strong but surprisingly inviting. It may have been the French 75 speaking, but I was actually looking forward to trying them. My amazing host treated us to a really crisp and dry white wine which I really liked

Hunters, a Riesling from 2019. Not at all sweet with a very strong apple note to it. Delish.

So first up I tried the oysters with red wine vinegar. It was ok, not too sea salty. But it was when I simply added some squeezed lemon when it really hit home. 👌🏻 So good. And what do you know..

So thank you Lotta for convincing me. 🙏🏻

After the oysters, she continued the evening with a salted cod with crispy bacon & kale sautéed in cream and champagne. Seriously? 😍

Apologies for the sloppy picture by yours truly… I was too hungry… 😉

After finishing the dinner we moved out to the terrace and brought the bubbles. And just when you thought she couldn’t do any better, out came the cheeses…

I left her apartment with a huge smile on my face and the walk to the subway was refreshing (and needed).

And just look at this subway station. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Thank you my dear friend for an amazing evening.

Until next time..

Love from Stockholm ❤️

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