Shape wear, Mummy of the Year Award and Italian for beginners.

We need to talk about shape wear and body confidence. Seriously people. The only time I’ve ever received the “congratulations on the baby” comment was when I wore a shaping body in Hanoi during a mingle reception for work. Since then, not once. Sure, a pair of high waist panties, but that’s not the same. We, as a society, love to claim that we support all shapes and sizes, but is it only as long as they fit in to the right mould.. or waist trainer for that matter? We say that shape wear makes us confident enough to fit into that “fantasy dress” we’ve been eyeing. Well, in all honesty, why not without it too? And let’s be honest here, is women are more critical of each other than men are. For sure.

I have curves, no doubt. Heavier on the bottom, slimmer on the top. I have thick juicy thighs that I adore 🥰. Have I always? Hell no. They’ve been a thorn in my side for so long. But the interesting part is that the most guys I’ve dated, have apparently loved them. 🤔 It took me much longer to appreciate them. Now though.. 😍

Having said that… let’s talk varicose veins. These snake like things slithering down your legs and screwing with your self-confidence. I inherited mine from my grandmother and they were (I talk about them in past tense even though it’s been less than 24 hrs since I stood and looked at myself in the mirror saying goodbye to them) not helpful in my struggle to love my thighs. Even so, it took me years to do something about them. But yesterday ❤️

Yesterday I let a man turn my thighs into (his words, not mine) smooth and gorgeous. For two hours I laid on a bed, either angled down or up, depending on where the good doctor wanted me, getting poked and stabbed and having a laser stick showed up my thigh knee to groin. Highlight of the two hours? When he showed me the laser wire and said “up to a whopping 40 cm of this thing has been in your thigh creating magic”. 😧 40 cm of laser wire people. Hence the reason I’m running for “Mummy of the Year Award 2020”. 🥇 And even though I lay here, in the middle of the night, not being able to sleep because these damn bandages are too tight (well they’re probably just right..) – and not having seen the end result – I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Because I finally did something I’ve been talking about for years. 🙈 I did something for me. For my thighs. 💕 So here’s to short dresses, for wearing shorts in the summer and not be self conscious about the snakes. Here’s to lighter legs, to squatting with them in the gym and to adore them in the mirror. 🥂 We’re going to have fun. 😍

Speaking of fun.. I suffer from extreme wanderlust. Always have, probably always will. It’s not a problem to be fixed or to be subdued, quite the opposite. It’s something to be valued an entertained. My work has fed the beast for a long time by letting me travel the world every 3-4 years. But since moving home, and considering the current restrictions, I need to find other ways than travelling.

Enter the magical world of learning a new language. Languages are amazing, they open doors, teach you about different societies and cultures, they make borders vanish and opens up your world. 🌏 So what better way to entertain the beast inside then learning Italian? The most beautiful language in the world. So starting in October I’ve signed up for a beginners course at their cultural institute here in Stockholm. Because honestly my dears, no one will remember a coward. ☺️ Forza e coraggio!

Love from Stockholm ❤️

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