To Selma.

You gorgeous, amazing creature. How happy I am to be your mama. To see you grow up to this young person filled with energy, kindness and sense of adventure. A person who constantly thinks, questions and challenges the norms. A vulnerable soul, a believer of everything magical.

I hope I’ve taught you to know your worth. How not to settle for less. Don’t let people tell you what you can or cannot do. Fight for what you believe in, what makes you you. Be special. Be honest, fair and protect what’s yours. Keep your heart curious but safe, don’t let anyone make you think that you deserve heartbreak.

Stay true to your friends. Be supportive, laugh love and and have fun. Don’t ever leave anyone behind. Never. Make memories. Explore the world as well as your neighbourhood. Be brave. See the world for that it is and the possibilities that are out there. Grab them, with both hands. But don’t always walk around thinking that the grass is greener on the other side.

Call your mama & papa, make sure that they know you’re ok no matter what or where you are. I will never judge, I’ve been there and back. I don’t want you to ever feel alone or scared. I will always be there, no matter what. If things get scary, you get brave. And you ask for help. There is nothing wrong with admitting that sometimes, alone is not strong.

Cry. Cry often. It’s a form of release that is good for the soul. It is what will make you stronger in the end. Cry during sad movies or to that song you just heard which makes you remember happy or sad thoughts.

Laugh so hard that your stomach aches. So that the happy tears streaming down your face fills a river. Create and cherish the laughing wrinkles around your eyes. They are part of your history. Smile at people when you meet them, don’t look down at the ground. Stand tall.

Be brave. Be courageous. But most of all, be you. ❤️ Never change for anyone and always know that I am right here beside you. You are my happy place.

Love mama. 😘

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