If the path you’re on doesn’t fit, create a new one.

Not all of us who wander are lost. Personally I believe that some of us seek our meaning here on earth or that we try to figure out what exactly it is our hearts desire. That doesn’t mean we are lost. What it does mean however is that we don’t settle for less. Not when it comes to our friends, our job nor our dreams. And certainly not our hearts. Nor do we shrink ourselves for the sake of other peoples beliefs or wishes.

I’ve always been told that I’m “too strong for my own good”, that I push people away or give out a “I don’t need you or anyone” vibe. Nothing could be further from the truth. Strong isn’t a bad word. And it’s not something to be feared nor seen as a negative. Strong doesn’t mean I’m too proud to ask for help or admit that I need people in my life. Quite the opposite. I am a highly social human being who craves interaction,

Strong, however, is knowing my worth and that I’m not dependent on anyone else for my survival. Strong is standing up for myself but at the same time not being afraid to admit when I’m wrong. Strong is embracing my imperfections and learning from my failures as well as celebrating my successes. But success rarely comes alone. It’s usually a string of people or happenings who contribute to the success so I do not believe that alone is strong.

I allow myself to be sad, angry and to fall apart. But I also promise myself to get up and try a little harder each and every day. I try not to lose hope or let negative thoughts run my life but does it happen? For sure. I call it “crazy town”. I get stuck there once in a while but I won’t allow myself to stay for too long. Tomorrow is always a new day. Be proud of all moments – dark or positive ones. They’re all part of you. And never be afraid to admit that you’re going through a rough patch. Find yourself friends who won’t let you reside in darkness but will drag you out of there kicking and screaming.

Being happy isn’t something that comes easily however. You don’t simply wake up one day and life’s sorted. It’s something you have to actively choose to be, to stive for and to work towards. Be there for you first and foremost so that you can be there for others. Surround yourself with people who give you energy, not just take it and never give it back. It will only leave you exhausted and disappointed. Don’t enter into any relationship on uneven terms, demand more.

Never regret going after what makes your heart and head happy. Never. Stand tall and be proud over the sheer braveness of your decision to go after what makes you feel alive. Know what you want. Find the strength to go after it and see the process as a journey, a wanderlust. No one but you can define what your dreams are made of, what your heart desires and how the road to get there will look like. Just make sure you enjoy the ride there and leave the haters behind.

Love from Stockholm ❤️

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