This is me.

I hail from the country that gave you IKEA, ABBA, the Swedish House Mafia, the 3-point seat belt, the pacemaker and Zlatan. Yes, I’m Swedish. For those of you who don’t know the place, it’s that long extended country in the North, perched in between Norway and Finland and above Denmark. Yup, that one.
I’ve lived abroad for most of my life as it is part of my job but it just so happens that I moved back home this summer and I don’t really think it has hit home yet. I’m used to acclimate myself in different countries but this is something else completely.

This blog was initially created in order to persuade you all thay Sweden is more than blondes, polar bears and northern lights. But from now on most of all it will probably make you question my sanity as I tend to use writing as some form of therapy. I’m ok with that though and if you decide that it’s worth following I’m sure it will make you laugh from time to time as well. After all, life is all about getting lost in art. And carefully mixed messages.

So here we go people, enjoy the read! ❤️